How to make your entire house smell expensive

We all love it when someone walks in and comments, "It smells incredible in here!"

Here are some classy and sophisticated candles you can use to always get compliments from your friends and family.

For your bedroom, try a Tobacco Bay Leaf candle. The light fragrance of fresh tobacco leaves with sandalwood and a hint of lime instantly adds class and sophistication to any decor.

For your bathroom, light a White Tea + Ginger candle. Its subtle fragrance with just a hint of jasmine conjures up spa-like memories. Perfect for a relaxing bubble bath at home.

For your living room, try a Blood Orange + Clove candle. Its cozy and spicy fragrance mixes citrus, cinnamon, and clove and is the perfect candle to cuddle up to.

Three different fragrances to instantly add elegance and luxury with your home.