Resetting Your Day Through Meditation

Meditating can be a challenging practice for some of us. It can be difficult to drop everything you're doing, find a quiet room, turn your mind off and "sit and breathe" for 15 minutes. As demanding as our daily lives can be, creating an environment where you do have the ability to sit, breathe and center yourself each day is important.

Deep breathing, for even 2 or 3 minutes at a time to start out, can be beneficial to your physical and emotional health. Certain types of mediation may help slow the heart rate, lower blood pressure and can create an environment where you are able to focus on goals, one at a time. Even if that goal is to just sit and think of nothing at all.

You’ll discover that once you've practiced meditation for a week or two, not only will you find it becomes easier with time, you'll notice you value your time meditating each day, and it becomes an essential part of your self-care routine.

If you’d like to take your meditation to another level, try adding layers that may help enhance your practice and peacefully enlighten your senses. Turn on quiet, tranquil music and light a calming candle with scents that can help you with your meditation goal for that day. If your goal is to relax and balance, try burning a candle with lavender, like Pearl Street Light’s Moonlight Bliss candle. Lavender can help stabilize and calm your senses so that you can learn to focus and release stress and anxiety.

If you’ve set a specific goal for your meditation that includes getting a calm, but effective pick-me-up while releasing nervous tension before a big meeting or event you have that day, try burning a citrus-scented candle. Our Chi Chi candle mixes tangerine, pineapple, and coconut for a gentle, calming chance to reset your day.

Each of our candle wicks crackle once lit, for a soothing, “white noise” effect, which can also help deepen your meditation and help you maintain focus on your goal.

So, make the decision to give meditation a try for the next 90 days. Find a spot in your house or at the office that's just for you. Light a calming, crackling candle, sit and breathe, focus and find your center each day.