About Us

Pearl Street Lights creates hand-poured candles, wax melts, and candle accessories that are not only highly enjoyable and functional, but also contain a unique higher purpose: To stand for the possibility of hope, restoration and community connection at its core. 

We believe that there is a tremendous amount of untapped potential for individuals in our community.

That is why our mission is to help individuals with barriers to employment realize their highest goals and ambitions, while also providing tremendous value for our customers, and ultimately, to facilitate the connection of both. 

Each and every candle is hand-signed by the individual who made it, so when you look at the signature on your candle, you can see the positive contribution you have in supporting someone who is active in the process of supporting themselves.

Our mission could not be made possible without you. 

Thank You.

Pearl Street Lights Manifesto:

"We believe in connecting our customers to real people working toward their goals of self-sufficiency while producing the highest quality and most enjoyable products available.
We believe in providing support for individuals who have barriers to employment and are active in the process of their own growth and development.
And, we believe in standing for the fulfillment of the highest potential of everyone in our community - no exceptions."