Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is the burn time on a soy wax Pearl Street Lights candle?

A: While times may vary slightly, our small candles burn between 20-30 hours, our medium candles burn between 50-60 hours and our large candles will burn up to 90 hours of burn time. 

Q: How strong are your soy wax candles?

A; Our candles are all designed to be highly scented and fragrance your space without being too overpowering, however, the shape and size of the candle ultimately affects how much fragrance can fill a room.

The strength of the fragrances is determined by how big the "melt pool" is (or how wide the melted wax is able to spread out in the container)

Generally, the wider the diameter of a candle - the larger the space that can be filled with fragrance.

For small to medium sized rooms - like bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices - our small size candles work well as the smaller diameter will fill the space with fragrance.

For medium to large sized space - like living rooms, kitchens and open floor plans - we recommend our medium to large sized candles as the larger diameter will more easily fill a larger space with fragrance.

If you prefer a strong scent, you may also increase the fragrance by burning multiple candles at a time.

Q: What's so special about your Illumaduo® wooden wicks?

A: All of our Illumaduo® wicks are custom and exclusive to our store. After testing hundreds of wicks, we have developed a special hybrid wick that combines the strength and stability of a cotton wick with the relaxing crackle of a wooden wick. Unlike wooden wicks that flame out and fail within a few times of lighting, our wicks light easily and burn cleanly all the way down - eliminating the unnecessary fuss of relighting and tending to your wick and allowing more time for you to relax and enjoy.

Q: What types of oils do you use?

A: We use a blend of fragrance oils specifically designed to add fragrance to your home. The reason why we do not use essential oils is that essential oils burn off immediately when the candle is burning and do not fragrance a room. (That is why some candles smell really good in the container, but when you burn them, you can't smell them.) All of our fragrance oils are non-toxic and completely safe to use in your home. We are committed to making candles that fragrance your space, so we are constantly looking for and developing fragrance blends to fit your needs.